Hi guys, can you believe that Thanksgiving is three weeks away? It feels like it is really coming up on us quickly. The calendar this year is genuinely compressed. Last year, we had 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year we have only 4 weeks. When it feels like holidays sneak up on me, I like to scour my Pinterest Board for Thanksgiving Table Ideas and Inspiration.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas and Inspiration

When it comes time to set a table for Thanksgiving, creating a runner down the center is a great place to start. When I meet with customers at my floral design studio, Fresh Flower Bar, to design their tables, I typically suggest a runner or a garland. This way, everyone has something beautiful in front of their plate. It’s a more modern way to approach table design and give a “family style” vibe.

My rule of thumb is use a runner for long rectangle tables with 8 people or more, and a centerpiece for round tables that seat 6-10 people. If you plan to use a runner, there will not be a lot of room left on the table for food. You will probably need to plate the meal in the kitchen, or use a buffet table so guests can help themselves.

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Below are some of my favorite Thanksgiving Tables:

| I love the simplicity of this table |

| definitely not traditional colors, but so so good |

| elegant table with gold and copper accents set against a stark white backdrop |

| lush and lovely centerpiece |

| pretty in pink and plum |

| it can’t get easier than this simple garland of seeded eucalyptus |

| this is the same concept as above, but more elaborate greens, white hydrangea, and pumpkins |


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