Still Obsessed with Dark Florals


Anything but still life. I love the tagline of this artist’s website because it says it all. Ellie Cashman is an artist/designer and blogger. She has a very interesting back story and I think you’ll enjoy reading about her. She creates the most dramatic dark floral designs and converts them into wallpaper, pillows and fabric. They are HUGE and impactful and I imagine it is one of those things that you either love or hate instantly. It is bold and gutsy and unexpected.

Dark florals have a vintage vibe, they were popular years and years ago and are making a comeback. Some of the major design houses like Valentino and Elie Saab incorporated dark florals into their 2015 spring line and fast forward four years later, I’m still seeing floral print used for clothing.

Check out Ellie’s Instagram account HERE for loads more images of how customers are using her wallpaper. I especially love it in small spaces! Here is a roundup of florals on dark backgrounds that seem to be emerging everywhere (no pun intended, I swear).



Artist/designer Ellie Cashman has been creating floral prints for home, stationery, lifestyle and fashion products since she established Ellie Cashman Design in January of 2010. Over the past several years, her designs have won awards and appeared on products and in publications all over the world.


Ellie Pillow

One of Ellie Cashman’s Floral Pillows

Detail of wallpaper

Detail of wallpaper. In her blog she says that it can take months to create a design. She doesn’t rush the process and waits until she gets that “ah ha” I’m done moment.

Ellie Cashman photo





Embroidered Dress

Head to toe


Silk Dress



Elie Saab


For more dark florals, check out my Pinterest Board.