“I believe that to be a really great lifestyle brand you have to have a two-way relationship with your customer, and I felt the best way to do that was to open up my home to the One Kings Lane community.”

— Debbie Propst, President of One Kings Lane


As a lover of interior design, I’ve followed One Kings Lane (OKL) for years. Sometimes I daydream about what it might be like to work there and be in the midst of all that creativity. Everything about the lifestyle brand oozes gorgeousness. I frequently pop over to the OKL website to check out what’s new, and spend way too much time ogling the eye candy. There is always so much to see and it is always so inspirational!

| from left to right, Coastal Charm, Modern Glamour and Parisian Chic |

If you haven’t paid them a visit recently, you need to check out their website. You can shop by category or by your personal decorating style. I’m trying to decide if my style is Coastal Charm, Modern Glamour or Parisian Chic. I like them all! How would you describe your style? Regardless of your taste, OKL takes the guess-work out of marrying furnishings and home decor with your design preferences. Just find your style and “shop the look.” It’s a fail-safe way to choose the right elements to hone your style and elevate your home.

| in case you were wondering, this is what Modern Ease looks like |

One Kings Lane Connecticut House

I have to say that living in Connecticut, and being only an hour north of the city has it perks! Several weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure to be invited to the beautiful home of One Kings Lane President, Debbie Propst. Debbie wanted to introduce the One Kings Lane, Connecticut House, located in New Canaan. Actually, it was a pretty fabulous party too, but that’s another story.

This video featuring Debbie and her home, will explain it so much better than I can. But briefly, the idea behind this event was to see One Kings Lane’s products in a real environment. It doesn’t get more real than Debbie’s actual home. I thought it was a brilliant idea and was honored to be included.

The shopable home concept was a first for many people, including me. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Was it cash and carry? Was I going to be able to leave with a piece of art that was hanging on her wall? Were there going to be price tags on everything? I was quizzical, but intrigued.

| the One Kings Lane Connecticut Home |

To the event, I brought the sweetest date ever, Catherine. Typically, I would not have brought my 5-year old daughter, but after watching Debbie’s video, and learning how important family is to her, I knew that it would be okay. Upon arriving, we were immediately welcomed by members of Debbie’s team. I was greeted with a delicious cocktail made with Hendrick’s Gin, lemon juice, cucumbers and muddled basil (blog post coming soon on that cocktail). Catherine had ginger ale in a “big girl” glass and felt very grown-up. We were encouraged to freely tour her home and take lots of photos.

Debbie’s home is beautiful (no surprise there), it is totally unique and decorated in a very livable, down-to-earth style. The best compliment I can pay Debbie is that her home is welcoming. Having young children plays a large role in the furnishings you choose – which in turn, creates the atmosphere. I felt completely at ease with my daughter, we never felt like we couldn’t plop down on her sofa and gently admire the many pretty things around us.

As we paid our goodbyes to Debbie (that was the first time I met her) I could see that her home was a reflection of her warm and gracious personality. She chatted with Catherine and told us she wished that her children were at the party, but she knew it would be hard to mix and mingle with her guests.

Let me circle back and say that this was not cash and carry. What we saw was a home outfitted with One Kings Lane’s products, many of which are available to purchase online today. Debbie gets to live with the brand, literally. I linked a couple of items from her home to the OKL website, but if there is anything you see, just hop on over and search for it. OKL also has design services, and I’m sure that someone will be able to help you identify an item.

I want to share the photos that I took of this first ever “shopable” One Kings Lane Connecticut House. Stay tuned for more on the One Kings Lane House in the coming weeks!

ONE KINGS LANE Connecticut House


| front door with a boxwood wreath and an elegant satin ribbon |Sarah OBrien

| hello! come right in for a virtual tour of Debbie’s home |

| I almost forgot my manners, may I get you a drink? |

| I think this is a Gin-Gin Mule |

| one of the first views, these sconces are available here |

| one of the best fiddle leaf trees I have seen, you can get a faux one here |

| one half of the kitchen |

| the kitchen with two sinks and faucets |

| a place to sit and pet the dog |

| family room, love the windows |

| you must be getting hungry be now |

| one of the cheeky catering staff |

| a door size tray of hors d’oeuvres that takes two people to manage |

| Debbie has young children like me, so I brought Catherine |

| the back patio with a waterfall feature and string lights |

| heading upstairs |

| some of the party goers |

| a very inviting sofa |

| Catherine was all smiles for this basket of adorableness |

| I will leave you with Debbie’s front door and the OKL signature topiaries |

More about the OKL Connecticut House:

After months of planning and design, our first-ever shoppable show house is making its debut in New Canaan, CT. It’s also the home of One Kings Lane president Debbie Propst, who worked with our team at The Studio at One Kings Lane to reimagine a tasteful (but tired) 60-year-old property into a contemporary showcase brimming with her own unique sense of style. Designed by Royal Barry Wills, a 20th-century architect who specialized in Cape Cod structures, the  farmhouse-style home already had good bones and plenty of character. The challenge? Modernizing the interiors to suit the needs of a growing family without sacrificing the home’s original details and charm.

Click play above to join Debbie for a tour of the space. Featuring unique vintage finds as well as some of our favorite collections by Kara Mann for Baker|Milling Road, Miles Talbott, and Bunny Williams, it’s a mix that truly reflects the people who live there. Below, we sat down with Debbie and dove a little deeper into her personal aesthetic and the happy reasoning behind those life-size alligators gracing her dining room table. 

Sarah OBrien Connecticut in Style

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