Ombre Hydrangea Flower

Now that peony season is over, Mother Nature rewards us with an equally gorgeous flower. Hydrangea. I absolutely love this quintessential summer flower. They come in so many pretty colors from white to green to pink to blue and purple. With such a wide color spectrum, they are versatile enough for any space in your home. We used to have a small hydrangea bush, but it got sacrificed during a new fence installation. Despite my intentions to relocate it, it never happened. It’s comical to me how much I miss that plant!

Now that hydrangeas are in full bloom, I enjoy seeing them on other people’s properties. I keep telling myself I should head to the closest garden nursery for more. I’ve been holding off buying some replacements because we need some carpentry repairs on windows right where I plan to plant them. Lucky for me, I was in Trader Joe’s over the weekend and saw some of my favorite summer flowers. TJ’s had solid white and blue hydrangea – and something in between. It gave me the idea of creating an ombré hydrangea flower arrangement for a summer party.

If you follow my blog, you know that I rarely leave the supermarket without flowers. Over the years, I’ve loved experimenting with store-bought flowers and transforming them into more sophisticated arrangements here and here. I wanted something really different and out of the ordinary and I was excited to see how it would turn out.

As soon as I got home, I cut about one inch off the stems and immediately put them in water. In addition to being tightly wrapped in plastic, flowers tend to get a bit packed in the bins in the supermarket. Getting them into cold water quickly is really important, I wanted to give them a chance to get hydrated and let gravity fluff up the petals.

Important tip for Hydrangea lovers like me: Hydrangea are also one of the few flowers that actually “drink” water from their petals. So feel free to completely submerge them for about an hour in fresh, cold water!

A summer arrangement was definitely on my mind and I have a long rectangular hand-woven basket that was perfect. Hydrangea don’t do well in oasis (floral foam) so I inserted four small containers filled with water into the basket and played around with each stem until I achieved the ombré effect I was after.

Ombré Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea in water

Close up

Hydrangea outside 3

Hydrangea outside 4

Hydrangea outside 2

Hydrangea outside 1



Me and Hydrangea