My Favorite Piece of Everyday Jewelry is on SALE!

My Favorite Piece of Everyday Jewelry is on SALE!

Happy Friday! This is a sales alert for one of Madewell’s best selling earrings “The Chunky Hoop” – and it just also happens to be my favorite piece of everyday jewelry. Please treat yourself, you will not regret this purchase.

Let’s talk earrings. Since the dawn of time, earrings have been an iconic symbol of femininity. I still remember the day in school when I learned about Ancient Egypt. I quickly became fascinated with the artistry of the culture and the desire of the people to adorn themselves with jewelry – both in life and death. We are talking 3100 B.C. friends! Women have been wearing earrings for a very long time. Even today, there are still many cultures that ritually pierce an infant’s ears so she can immediately start wearing earrings.

I didn’t start that early, I got my ears pierced when I was nine. Kerry and I waited until our daughter, Catherine, was eight. She actually started asking me if she could get her ears pierced when she was seven years old, but I waited until I felt confident that this was something that she really wanted to do. A couple helpful tips if your child is interested in getting their ears pierced:

  1. Most pediatrician’s offices provide ear piercing as a service.
  2. Ask the person performing the piercing to get a pen and put a dot on the exact location of the pierce so everyone is on the same page.
  3. Say yes when they offer ice to numb those lobes, it takes the sting away.

Why I love them

These hoops have so much going for them! For something as seemingly inconsequential as a pair of $26.00 earrings (now only $14.70) they effortlessly transform my image and mood. As a small business owner I interact with customers on a daily basis and I want to put effort into my appearance. To me, earrings are easily one of the most important things to add to your everyday look to make yourself look put together. Below are the reasons why I love them:

  • I love that they are a timeless, classic hoop earring
  • They are the perfect size
  • The hollow design makes them super lightweight
  • They come in Vintage Gold  (I have those) and Light Silver Ox
  • At this amazing price point, stock up on a few pairs to give as a hostess gift, or a stocking stuffer
  • Maybe the best part is that they are ON SALE! CLICK HERE and make sure you enter CLASSIFIED during checkout – they will only be $14.70 after you apply the code.


Once you have added them to your bag and you check out, the image below will pop up – enter CLASSIFIED in the Enter Code field and hit Apply:

It’s rare that I go more than a few of days without wearing my favorite hoop earrings by Madewell. This is not a paid endorsement! I just love these earrings so much and hope that you will take advantage of the sale!


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