July 4th Sparklers Station

July 4 Sparklers Station

| Sparklers Station for the July 4th Holiday |

Hi guys! If you are like me, you might be feeling a tiny bit unsettled about the fact that the July 4th holiday is falling on Wednesday this year. I’m not sure if anyone knows what to do with their plans or when to celebrate. Today and tomorrow are regular work days for most. But, the much-anticipated fireworks are being held tonight (yes, on Monday) at local beaches. People are puzzling over whether it makes sense to have a party in the middle of the week knowing that they will have to return to work the next day.

Regardless of your plans, the July 4th holiday is simply not complete without sparklers. Are you with me? Even though they only last a short time after you light them, I find them so enchanting. It’s like having a mini firework in your hand!

I wanted to set up a “sparklers station” that would hold sparklers, matches, and a jar of water to put the used (but still hot) sparklers in. When it came time to assemble the sparkler station, I wanted something really fun and festive that evoked “Happy July 4th!” I remembered a metal tray that I bought at a tag sale for a couple of dollars. When I bought it, I had no idea what I was going to do with it but it came home with me anyway.

Trays are such useful and practical items and they can serve so many different purposes. One of the reasons that I am attracted to them is how organized I feel when I use them. Everything I need goes in one spot, and when I am finished, it all comes back in – in one trip. Wouldn’t you agree that getting handed a glass of champagne is just not the same as getting one offered to you on a tray. Trays instantly elevate the occasion!

Sparklers Station and matches


July 4th Sparklers Station

I just needed a can of silver paint and metallic star confetti to transform it. Here are the before and after photos. I love how it turned out!

Tray Before

Krylon Spray Paint


Tray being painted

Tray painted

Tray with confetti

| I sprayed the tray with clear adhesive and randomly scattered the confetti on the bottom of the tray |

Finished Tray

| using little dabs of glue, I stuck the confetti to the sides of the tray |

Match Boxes

| I spray painted the match boxes too, why not? |

July 4th Sparklers

Water jar

| a mason jar filled with water is a smart way to immediately cool used sparklers and matches |