How to make a Christmas TerrariumWhen I was growing up, Christmas decorations were exclusively limited to the living room – aka, the Christmas Tree. We really didn’t decorate anywhere else, except to perhaps string a set of lights around a tree outside. We took a practical approach and focused all our attention to trimming the tree which was absolutely lovely year after year. When I got married and started a family, I got the “holiday decoration bug.” It started innocently enough with a tree…and then we got a wreath for the front door. The year after, that we added lights to the bushes. The year after that, a wreath found its way inside to be hung over the fireplace. The year after that, the stairway banister got swathed in evergreen swags. You get my drift.

I guess my love for celebrating the holidays knows no bounds. Passing through a room and catching a glimpse of a sparkly decoration is a happy reminder of this special time and I want my kiddos to have a little something in their bedrooms too. Our son has told me that he knows Santa is not real to which I always reply “Santa only comes to the homes of the children that believe.” Thankfully, Catherine is only three and I get to indulge in the “magic” of Christmas for her. I made a terrarium to decorate her bedroom and added soft lights that will be left on at night as her nightlight. Here’s how:


You’ll need a terrarium (the top is optional), battery operated lights, a miniature house and trees, and a bag of fake snow. All these items can be found in home goods stores and craft stores.

Step 1

This is actually intended to be an ornament but I pulled off the hook. It was very plain and needed some embellishments like mini evergreens and a wreath.

Trim Trees

I snipped the “trunk” off the trees and applied MOD PODGE to the bottom and glued them down to the base of the house.

Glue Trees

Glue Trees to house

Mini Wreaths by LIttle B

House with Trees and Wreath

Adding Smoke

I took a small piece of cotton from a cotton ball and made “smoke”

Finished House

Battery Lights

Fill the terrarium about halfway with fake snow and add the lights.
Holiday Night Light

Christmas Terrarium

Close up of house

Catherine with terrarium