Easiest Halloween Cocktail Ever

Brains and Bubbles. That’s what I’m calling this Halloween-inspired cocktail. It’s smart because it only uses a few ingredients and also because it uses a (gummy) brain!

If you follow my blog, you know that I love Halloween…to death. It combines so many of my favorite things into one night of guaranteed fun. I love the chill in the air, the sound of little feet rustling through the grass, opening the door to the cutest freaking costumes, and the chorus of “trick or treat.” The children get so excited to haul in all that candy and I just love to see their smiling faces!

We have an awesome neighborhood for trick or treating and starting at 6pm till about 9pm, we have a constant stream of kiddos coming to our door. I’m not sure if it will be me or Kerry taking Catherine around the hood, but whether I stay home to hand out the candy, or make the rounds with her – I like to get into the spirits.

Every year, I challenge myself to make a new spooktacular cocktail for Halloween. In previous years I have made White Cosmopolitan Ghost, and the year before I made The Suffering Bastard. This year, I wanted to incorporate my favorite sparkling wine into the cocktail.

Halloween Cocktail Ideas

To make Brains and Bubbles you need sparkling rosé wine, gummy brains, and cocktail skewers. That’s it! I bought the Zombie Bites at CVS (creepy gummy eyes come in the package too) and just use your favorite sparkling rosé. Simply thread a gummy brain onto a cocktail skewer, place it in a champagne glass (flute or gimlet glass) and pour the sparkling wine over it. Guests will get a thrill out of the candy and it is a great way to elevate your party by doing something a little unexpected. The candy is mildly watermelon flavored and doesn’t dissolve quickly in the wine, making it an ideal garnish. Cheers!


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Brains and Bubbles