Glamorous and Gorgeous Airstream Trailers

Have you ever fantasized about selling your worldly possessions, buying an Airstream Trailer and traveling for the rest of your life? I sure have. This is such a big, beautiful planet with breathtaking places to visit. I’ve been fortunate to travel, but there’s so much more to explore. When I think of what it would be like to take to the open road, my heart beats a little faster. I get excited about experiencing things that I haven’t before. It’s all about the discovery. I’ve driven myself crazy thinking about all the places that I want to see. One lifetime is just not enough.

But, there’s no harm in indulging in a little day-dreaming. So, if I were ever to do something wild and wonderful like this, I’d have to travel in style. The airstream would be our new hybrid living space. A vehicle by day and a home by night. A true motor home. When airstreams were first manufactured in the 1930s, they were designed for camping and short-term use. It’s only when people started to actually live in them year-round did the perspective change about how to transform them.

No one’s going to go to a lot of effort to glamp a motor home for a two-week trip cross country. It’s an entirely different story when an airstream becomes your permanent abode. All of a sudden, you start to think about it differently and you treat it differently. In my book, there’s no reason that an airstream shouldn’t have all the same comforts of a small home – and be totally chic and gorgeous at the same time! Here’s a roundup of two stylish airstream trailers (and a few extras). Now this is glamping!

Glamorous and Gorgeous Airstream Trailers

I’m obsessed with the color palette of this airstream. Being in a smallish space can feel oppressive with darker colors. The white, yellow and turquoise instantly brighten this camper and gives you the feeling of being outside. Don’t you agree?

Boho Chic Airstream



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