Flowering Window Boxes of Charleston

Flowering Window Boxes of Charleston

| my favorite home in Charleston |

Hi everyone! I am dusting off this previously published post because I was looking for some inspiration for flower boxes (I will share my secret reason later). The post below is one I wrote after visiting the quaint city of Charleston during a girls getaway. I became enamored with the flower boxes – just scroll down and you’ll see why!

Previously published:

I recently returned from a girls’ trip (no men allowed) to the fabulous city of Charleston, South Carolina. I was in charge of our 3-day agenda, and put a plan together after asking everyone what they were interested in doing. We ended up with a nicely balanced itinerary with a mix of tours, shopping and restaurant hopping. While there are many fun things to do, we all agreed that we wanted to take in as much of the local sights as possible. We did a lot of walking and borrowed bikes from the hotel (we stayed at The Dewberry). Naturally, I brought my camera and took many photos. Even then, they can’t quite convey how charming Charleston is!

After coffee, we would take a walk along Meeting Street. From The Dewberry, we could take a direct path to the Charleston Harbor. Along the way, I remember all of us being surprised at how quiet and empty the streets were at 9:00am. It felt like we were on “Charleston time” which I assure you is much more civilized compared to the intense pace of New England. When you are there, you get the distinct feeling that things slooooooow down. Charleston has a wonderful laid-back atmosphere that draws you in. The casual and carefree pace makes you want to stop and smell the roses.

| gorgeous, fragrant wisteria on Meeting Street |

It was during these walks that I gained admiration and respect for how much Charlestonians care about their homes and businesses. The streets are so tidy and virtually litter-free. It was common to see merchants using hoses to wash down the street entrances to their establishments as they prepare to open for the day.

It was obvious that homeowners take a lot of pride in their houses too. Not only were most of them impeccably well maintained, many of them had urns, planters and flowering window boxes adorning the exterior. And, I noticed that in every case, the flowers had been color coordinated to complement the exterior of the home.

Flowering Window Boxes of Charleston

Timing is everything! I’m so happy that we chose to visit Charleston in March. The flowers were in bloom and gave us an incredible show. I took as many photos as I could, so here’s a recap of the flowering window boxes of Charleston.

I’ve taken a wide angle view and then a close up view so you can see the detail. They are super pretty and have given me some inspo for my own home!



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