BlackAs we welcome in the warm weather, the layers come off in favor of clothes that are more streamlined. I’m seeing lots of airy, light weight summer dresses that are very simple and beautiful. While I am in favor of simplicity, I also subscribe to the French phrase je ne sais quoi which conversationally translates to “a pleasing quality that cannot be exactly named or described.” Taking the time to add a little something to elevate my life is an aspiration that I try to incorporate daily. To me, it is how you do this that defines your individual style. It can be seen in the gleam of highly polished silver pieces in your home, an easy transformation of supermarket bought flowers to a more composed floral arrangement or adding a bright neon tassel that you have made yourself to a bead bracelet.

If you are loving the clean lines of a summer frock but want to elevate your wardrobe, consider fringed sandals. They add that certain je ne sais quoi that elevates your style from simple to chic. The fringe swings with every step and adds a playful element to your look. They are the perfect accessory to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans! The loose-fitting, distressed look of the jeans is set off by the decidedly feminine and completely flirty fringe sandals. Here is a roundup of my favorite pairs.

Black Zara 1

Fringed High Heel Sandals by ZARA are only $49.99 ladies! These are the same ones in the feature image above.

Manolo 1

Manolos at Barneys

Wild Thing

Wild Thing in poppy by Aquazzura at Saks comes in several colors, check out the yellow below – love it!

Boyfriend jeans red sandals

Here are the Aquazzura on a model. Those shoes!

Aqua Yellow



Wild Thing in yellow by Aquazzura at ShopBop

Chinese Laundry

Santa Fe by Chinese Laundry at Nordstrom

Boyfriend jeans and fringe

Here are the Santa Fe by Chinese Laundry on a model (toe nail polish matches the jeans)

Vince Camuto

Trumen by Vince Camuto at Nordstrom

Steve Madden 2

Fringly Steve Madden at Nordstrom, comes in other colors – see the cobalt blue below

Steve Madden


Stella LunaStella Luna Metallic Fringe at Farfetch