Back to school surprises

{Adorable message printables that you can put inside your kiddos lunchbox the good stuff by}

Favorite Things by Connecticut in Style

Happy Friday! This weekend I’m heading north to the fabulous city of Portland, Maine with two girlfriends from high school. We are meeting up with another girlfriend from high school who lives there. The friendship between us was forged in high school and is as strong as ever despite the fact that we don’t get to see each other as often as we like. We have the type of connectedness that erases time and distance and I love that we can pick up on a specific conversation that ended a year ago without missing a beat. I hope that everyone has friends like that. Have a wonderful weekend.

Dahlias in livingroom{the most beautiful Dahlias from an award winning garden in Connecticut}

Cucumber and Avocado Rolls{my favorite cucumber and avocado roll with sesame peanut dipping sauce from Whole Foods}


Personalized Bev Cup

{now you can personalize beverage cups, cell phone cases and other items right in the store! Splurge in Greenwich, CT}

Sample of Daily Detox

{a tasting of Daily Detox from green&tonic}