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Happy Friday! I’m so ready for this week to end. Monday didn’t start off very well due to a mishap with a kitchen knife that resulted in a tetanus shot and stitches at the emergency walk-in clinic. In a colossal lapse of judgement, I attempted to remove the pit from an avocado by stabbing it. The knife skidded off the pit and impaled the palm of my hand. For the first few seconds, I was in a state of shock followed by disbelief at my own stupidity. I’ve cut myself before, but when you have to jerk the knife out of your hand, you know stitches are in your future. This is a good time to mention that I don’t do well in emergency situations that involve blood.

Instinct took over and I immediately grabbed a “gel” ice pack from the freezer, slapped it on my palm and wrapped my hand in a kitchen towel. Then the darkness loomed in. It has been a long time since I felt the sensation that I am about to faint and it came calling for me. And I was alone in the house. Gulp. I sank to the floor, raised my hand over my head and tried to control my breathing as I willed myself not to vomit or pass out. It wasn’t pretty. Long story short, my husband came home and took me to the clinic to get some sutures and I was back in business.

Later that night I was in need of some gentle and compassionate sympathy, I wanted to hear a “Oh no, you poor thing!” so naturally I turned to a woman. I texted my BFF to let her know about my traumatic afternoon and all she texted back was “So, no takers on the guacamole?” She’s been downgraded to a BF and on probation until further notice.


Favorite Things

Favorite Things

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Chocolate covered pretzels

| as good as they look, chocolate covered pretzels from Balducci’s in Westport, CT |

Verbena Lime

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