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Happy Friday from Sedona! We’re wrapping up our last couple of days of our spring break vacation. We’ve been blessed with amazing weather this week. It’s been chilly in the mornings, but warms up to the 80’s during the day.

We are enjoying these typical desert-like fluctuations in temperature because it gives us the best of both worlds. We can hike in the morning, lay poolside during the day and roast s’mores by the resort’s fire pits at night!

Today, based on advice (thank you everyone!) we are in search of a vortex at the Enchantment Resort. A vortex is an area that has a concentrated amount of spirited energies, and there are supposedly a lot of them in Sedona and the surrounding areas. From what I have read, if you stand in a vortex site, you will feel a large amount of tangible positive energy that will stay with you for days. This concept is totally new to me, but I’m very intrigued to see if we can discover one! Scroll to the bottom to read a little more about vortexes.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend xo

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

| taking in the vastness of the Grand Canyon |

From the National Graphic Tourism website – The Energy of Sedona
Located in the Sedona area are several energy centers, or vortexes of subtle energy (in Sedona they are called vortexes rather than vortices). There are four vortex sites where the energy is strongest.  All of them are located in the beautiful natural environment of Sedona, complete with cactus and juniper trees, and all have spectacular red rock views that are both exciting and growth inspiring.

If you are at all sensitive to the more subtle things, the experience of standing at one of these sites and letting the energy flow through you can be very uplifting, and for some people it can be almost overwhelming. This energy can stay with you and affect you in a positive way for days afterwards. Although the Sedona area has many hiking trails that only a vigorous hiker can enjoy, the vortexes are all easy to get to, and no strenuous hiking is required to get to any of them. People come from all over the world to experience this.