Favorite Things

Happy Friday! What a roller coaster week it has been. It begin with a snow day on Monday, April 2nd. School was cancelled yet AGAIN.

I’ve heard vicious rumors that more snow is headed our way this weekend. At this point, it really doesn’t matter anymore. We’re all just laughing now. Eleven snow days. Whatevs. To cap it off, the remaining days this week were “half days” due to parent-teacher conferences. Translation: My children have been home more than they have been in school over the past 4 weeks.

Early on, when the snow days started accumulating (no pun intended) I started joking that “at this rate my kiddos will be in school until July.” Sadly, I’m not far off. My kiddos are getting out of school a mere four days before the first of July. It’s going to be a short summer people.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend xo

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

| had to take a photo of these before I ate them all |

| this is the only thing I was allowed to share from my camera shy birthday boy |

| she runs like a girl, try to keep up |

| at last, a beautiful warm spring day |

| followed by spring snow |


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