Favorite Things

It’s been one of those weeks when I have felt completely overwhelmed. Just looking ahead to what I needed to get accomplished made my chest hurt. Not in a “I better see a doctor” more like “I can’t get it done” and the stress makes it hard to breathe normally. I’d catch myself quickly inhaling air, not even realizing that I was holding my breath.

Despite Herculean efforts to completely clear my schedule to meet a project deadline, obstacles came out of nowhere. These are not the kinds of obstacles I have any control over. They were Acts of God (weather) and Death (literally) and Computer Crashes.

Has that ever happened to you? You have days when absolutely nothing goes your way. It’s so bad that it is almost like you are getting punked. As a result, I have cursed a lot this week. There are just some days when “Oh darn it” doesn’t do the trick. I brought out my favorites like What The F***? and Mother F**ker! and Are you F**king kidding me? I said them like a professional. You would have been proud.

On the bright side, it is Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow and I’m hoping that I’ll have the luck of the Irish. Wishing you a wonderful weekend xo

Favorite Things

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| lost track of the number of snow days we have had |

Favorite Things

| cheers to snow days and the best bloody marys ever |

| I needed this reminder of springtime |



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