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Fabulous Finds

I’ve been keeping my eye on fashion forward trends and it has been impossible not to notice all the quilted jackets. Normally, I’d never consider buying a jacket in the spring, but the snow and hail the past two days has confused me. I came across the jacket during my monthly thrift store expedition and quickly snatched it up because it was only $24.00. Please note that none of my treks to tag sales, flea markets and thrift stores begin with a specific purchase in mind. I enter these labyrinths never knowing what I will stumble across, and that’s part of the adventure. Along those lines, I thought it would be fun to share these items in a once a month series called Fabulous Finds. It is about the unexpected treasures you discover at the sweetest price tag.

Even though this is a new series to my blog, I’ve been shopping at tag sales and thrift stores since I was 16. My very first fabulous find was a vintage black velvet, mermaid-style evening gown that fit me so perfectly it was like the dressmaker cut it on my body. I paid $15.00 for that dress and it still gets worn from time to time. I don’t buy something every time I shop, but when I do find something special, it is worth all the visits that I leave empty-handed. My only rule of thumb is to make sure that the item is in excellent condition before I pull my wallet out.

Thinking back on other fabulous finds, the highlights include the aforementioned black velvet evening gown, a pair of silver cowboy boots that someone kindly broke in for me and an original watercolor painting that I can’t believe someone donated to the Goodwill. This little jacket with all the lovely detailing was the muse for starting this series and I’m excited to share the next item.

Fabulous FindsBlack leather quilted jacket

Covered buttons

Jacket Lining

Leather Jacket and boyfriend jeans

Fabulous Finds


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