We’re deep in the midst of summer. The kiddos are out of school. This really is the ideal time to travel and get reconnected with family and friends. Regardless of where you live, your home may be a popular destination spot because it has the main attraction – you! Hosting family and friends for a visit is an exciting time. In addition to the simple pleasure of being together, a jaunt to your favorite restaurant, or day-long excursions to your home town’s popular places –  you’ll want to ensure that their time in your home is just as enjoyable.

While I am sure that your home’s guest room and bathroom are ready for guests, we all could use a little help with preparing for company. In addition to making sure that the guest room is clean and has fresh linens, you’ll want to find an area for some home touches (water, snacks, books) to make it welcoming. I used a bar cart to keep everything centrally located. I originally started with a large tray on a table, but realized that I needed more space. The bar cart has an additional lower shelf for storage and I made good use of the handle to hang a soft blanket.

You’ll also notice that I have a small pineapple them going on here. Pineapples are the symbol for hospitality and I think it’s sweet to work some in whenever I can! Here are 5 essential tips on how to create a welcoming guest room.

5 essential tips on how to create a welcoming guest room5 Essential tips on creating a welcoming guest room

  1. Make it comfortable – All anyone really wants at the end of the day is a comfortable bed to sleep in, clean sheets and a cool room. Don’t stress if the room doesn’t look like it belongs in a Pottery Barn catalog. Your guests won’t care at all. They are there to be with you.
  2. Create alone time – Everyone will want time alone from their hosts to rest, take a powernap, make a phone call, check their email and social media or just be alone for 30 minutes. Create opportunities for alone-time by not over-scheduling your guests with pre-agreed upon activities. It’s helpful to be communicative with the day’s schedule. Saying things like “We’re not eating dinner until 6:00pm, feel free to do your own thing while I slip out to the supermarket / take a yoga class, etc.” They’ll welcome the break because it gives them a chance to do their own thing.
  3. Provide a few comforts of home – Set up a small area of the guest room with amenities that will make their stay even more welcoming. Simple items such as fresh flowers, a bottle of water, healthy snacks, clean towels, travel-size toiletries, some books or a magazine are items they’ll love!
  4. Give them access to free WIFI – If you are comfortable with it, set up guest access to your home’s wireless network and share the password with them. Directions on how to set up guest access and a password can typically be found on your ISP website and/or your wireless router’s website.
  5. Let them sleep – Make sure that your guests have the opportunity for a restful night’s sleep. This will make everyone’s visit so much better! I do believe that special consideration should be made for guests. If you or a family member is usually up and about very late, consider settling down at a decent hour to make the house as quiet as possible.

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