Essential Beach Packing Tips

Essential Beach Packing Tips 1

| typical beach gear |

We have our sights set on enjoying a few more lazy weeks of summer before school starts. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that one of our favorite places to go to is the beach. We feel so fortunate to live on the Connecticut Coastline and love to take advantage of our close proximity to the Long Island Sound.


I want to share some essential beach packing tips that that been such a life saver for me. I blogged about this last summer, but it is still relevant. In case you missed it, below is a link to a short segment that I did for News 8 Connecticut on beach packing tips.

Click here to watch a cute segment I did for News 8 on my essential beach packing tips – thank you to News 8 for having me on your show!

It wasn’t until I had children that I finally realized how many things are needed to take to spend the day at the beach! I grew up near the beach and I remember how carefree my beach days were. All I need was a t-shirt and shorts over my bikini, I’d throw a towel around my neck and hop on my 10-speed and bike a couple of miles to the beach in my flip-flops. My friends and I would spend hours alternating between swimming and tanning, we’d hit the concession stand for a quick lunch and get right back in the water. If we had enough money, we’d get ice cream and bike home in time for dinner. There were no beach chairs, coolers or umbrellas. It was all so simple and civilized.

I want my kiddos to enjoy the beach as much as I do, but I have to say that my least favorite part is schlepping all the gear from the car to the beach. There is so much gear to pack, it looks like we’re having a yard sale in the back of our car. When we arrive at the beach, my husband and I feel like Sherpas. We are lugging so much stuff, it’s cumbersome and heavy, and we are constantly herding our children to make sure they stay with us from the car to the beach. We arrive looking like a hot mess.

I’m happy to say that those days are over. I’m sure that you’ve seen the Wonder Wheeler beach cart. They are the carts being pulled by people who are smiling. At $70.00, the beach cart is a little pricey, but I used my 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond and got it for a decent price. It holds everything we need for the beach and it sets up and collapses as easily as a stroller. The wide all-terrain wheels work well over sand, but the best part is how organized we are now. Getting ready for the beach is such a breeze and the cart has been so well designed, it has a place for all the essential beach gear. If you have the space, this cart can remain “semi-packed.” You can even leave an empty cooler inside the cart and just remove it to fill with ice and snacks when you are ready to go.

Essential Beach Packing Tips:

  1. Invest in a beach cart with all terrain wheels (you’ll thank me)
  2. Pack a cooler with finger food snacks like fresh fruits, veggie sticks, chips, pretzels and protein bars and bottles of water
  3. Freeze lemon and cherry juice pouches, when they begin to thaw, they make a slushy treat (similar to Italian Ice)
  4. Pack all the beach toys in a mesh laundry bag, when you are ready to head home, shake the bag and leave the sand at the beach
  5. Pack a football, tennis ball, frisbee and kite for some activities to do when you want a break from swimming
  6. Bring baby powder or a small utility brush to clean off sandy feet and toes before you get in the car
  7. Bring a waterproof bag to store smart phones, cell phones, and any items that can’t get wet
  8. Pack a small first aid kit, they are a lifesaver for any little cuts from sharp rocks and shells
  9. Buy a sand anchor to anchor the umbrella into the sand
  10. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt with objects to search for – click here to download and print this FREE Scavenger Hunt BEACH SCAVENGER HUNT

Essential Beach Packing Tips

| our new beach cart packed and ready to go |

Wonder Wheeler

|Rio Beach Beach Caddy Deluxe aka Wonder Wheeler |

Side view

| side view, notice pocket above the wheel for an umbrella |


| the umbrella stores on one side |

Boogie Board

| the boogie board store on the other side |

 Cooler first| pack the heavy items on the bottom, such as the cooler |

Sand toys| sand toys in a mesh laundry bag |

Towels| towels can go on top |

Packed cart

Beach ready| adding the chairs, it can hold up to four |