Easy Halloween Party Favors


Making these easy pumpkin Halloween Party Favors is such a cute giveaway! Even if you are not hosting a party, you can bring these as a hostess gift or to hand out to students as a party favor during a school class party. These cute little tissue paper pumpkins are so simple to assemble and they are extremely cost effective. You definitely don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on these pumpkins. All you need is candy, orange tissue paper and green tape – that’s it, just three supplies!

My tip – At first, I tried using a single sheet of tissue paper, but found that you can see through the tissue paper and it took away from the solid orange pumpkin effect that I was after. Also, a single sheet of tissue paper will tend to tear more easily, so I doubled up and used two sheets per pumpkin. You can save yourself some time by folding the tissue paper into layers. Two standard sheets of tissue paper can be folded into fourths and the 8-inch cake pan fits perfectly into the size! Happy crafting!

Easy Halloween Favors


| you’ll need orange tissue paper, green tape and candy |


| using an 8-inch round cake pan, trace the perimeter of the pan onto the tissue paper |


| cut out the circles, you can cut many layers of tissue paper at a time |


| add your favorite candy |


| lift the sides of the tissue paper to form a ball and twist the ends |


| using a small piece of green tape, wrap the ends of the tissue paper to make the stem of the pumpkin |


| if needed, cut off any excess tissue paper |