Pretty Thanksgiving Table

Hi friends! Thanksgiving is only one week away, are you ready? Thanksgiving is definitely earlier this year and if you are feeling the crunch, I want to share my tips on creating a gorgeous and festive Thanksgiving Table with a few things from the store and from around your home. All you need are mini white pumpkins, some fresh flowers, big leaves from your yard and a can of GOLD spray paint! There are a lot of step by step photos in this blog post, so let’s get to it!

I assembled this entire DIY Thanksgiving Table centerpiece with objects from around my home and garden. It started all innocently enough with a new scarf and an old terrarium. The scarf was purchased from one of the vendors at the Rooms With a View Designer Showcase because I couldn’t resist the color combination and the $18.00 price tag.

The terrarium I snatched up at a tag sale years ago, and it has been unused until now. It has been sitting quietly in our garage, waiting. It was a soft light blue and as much as I liked the color, I wasn’t using the terrarium because the color didn’t lend itself to my plans for it. I spray painted it gold and decided to paint other things like leftover pumpkins (from Halloween), sticks and leaves to make my table glitter!

I have to admit, I got a little carried away with a can of gold spray paint and now I’m feeling dangerous. LOL!

Sarah O'Brien

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 5

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Recycling things from around the house is so gratifying! I’ve found that if you stick to what you like, you will naturally accumulate things that work well together.


Leaves before and after

| I did not know that leaves took to paint so well, even green leaves |Pumpkins before| I wrapped the stems of the pumpkins in aluminum foil because I wanted them to remain natural |Scarf Table Runner| I used the scarf as a table runner, it was the perfect length and I wanted to add some warmth (literally) to the cool gold tones from the things I had painted |Gold Pumpkin

Green Leaves| freshly fallen leaves from my backyard |Gold Leaf

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece| I put the small pumpkins on a bed of moss inside the terrarium and wrapped the entire thing with lights |
Roses| Three sets of roses in plain water glasses worked well to add pops of yellow, orange and dark pink |Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece 1

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Rose and Glass

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 2

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 4

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 5

IMG_6838| Thanksgiving Table nighttime view |

I hope that you found these tips helpful!