If you have been following the cropped jeans trend, I blogged about it HERE, there’s no reason to buy a pair. You can simply raid your closet and choose a pair of jeans that you want to convert to cropped jeans. Today, I will show you how I took a regular pair of Gap 1969 jeans and cropped them. And, I added a cute fringe for the hem!

For this super easy DIY project you literally need two items: A pair of jeans and sharp scissors. Any pair of jeans will work, however, I prefer straight-leg or slightly flared. Jeans with a wide flare, like a bootcut, won’t adapt well to this look. Ready? Below are the directions and step-by-step photos. It took me about 30 minutes from beginning to end.

DIY Cropped and Fringe Jeans

For cropped jeans, you want the jeans to end about one inch above your ankle. It is helpful to have the jeans on (with shoes) and make the first cut while you are wearing them. Once they are cut, take them off and finish cutting the rest of the material. Also, this is totally optional, I wanted the front of the jeans to be a little shorter than the back (see photo above for details).

DIY Cropped and Fringe Jeans

| put on the jeans with the shoes that you plan to wear with them |

| you can see that these jeans have a slight flare to the leg |

| make a cut about 2 inches into the jean at the ankle |

| cut the front of the jeans about an inch shorter than the back, leave the side seams intact |

| try on the jeans again to make sure that they are the length you want |

| this is what they looked like before I started the fringe |

| to make the fringe, put the pin of a thumbtack into the material and pull down the threads |

| using your fingers, pull the threads off |

| continue this process until you have a fringe of the desired length |

| finished jeans, I love them and have already gotten compliments on them! |

If you want ideas for outfits to wear with cropped/fringed jeans, click HERE!

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