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On rainy summer days, I love to read or bead. I was inspired to make these 5-strand glass crystal bead bracelets when I saw a woman (who was sitting next to me in the salon) wearing a similar bracelet. I was trying so hard not to stare, but her bracelet was so gorgeous I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I tried to count how many strands she had on her bracelet, it was either 7 or 9, but I couldn’t find a clasp at the local beading store larger than 5 and I decided that it would work well anyway. I wanted to copy the one she was wearing, so I selected black beads and a gunmetal clasp. While shopping, I also fell in love with a lapis blue color bead and knew that gold accents would be best (I was channeling Cleopatra). With a few simple tools and beads, I made both these bracelets in about an hour! The image directly below is the blue bracelet with the gold clasp that I embellished with beads on top of the clasp so that it would look beautiful even if it spins around on my wrist.PicMonkey Collage


Bead Supplies

Bead tip

Length of bead bracelet

Add crimping bead

Crimping bead threading

Thread down through beads

Squeeze Crimp bead

Other crimping bead

Close up

Top of clasp

Sanding clasp

Beads on clasp

Krazy Glue

DIY Multi-Strand Bead Bracelet