Blueberry PancakesOne of the many reasons I love summer is the extra time I have with my kiddos. In the summer months when school is out, everything slows down and starts later. I especially love the lazy mornings because my children sleep a little longer, my husband and I can enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before we hear footsteps coming down the stairs. On mornings like this, I like to do something special for breakfast because we have the luxury of time. One of our son’s favorite meals is blueberry pancakes made with Bisquick. Over the years, I have experimented with different techniques to achieve the perfect blueberry pancake. Using the right amount of vegetable oil (about a tablespoon) achieves a crispy edge and I’ve also found that adding blueberries to the batter before it is added to the pan results in spots of uncooked batter around the blueberries. I’ve discovered that if I pour the batter into the skillet allowing the pancake to cook about halfway through and then sprinkle the blueberries on top eliminates this issue. I also boil a small handful of blueberries with water and a dash of sugar until it is reduced into a thick blueberry syrup that I pour over the pancakes. A dollop of fresh whipped cream makes them absolutely decadent!


Plain pancake

Pancake with blueberry

Cooked pancake

Pancakes in griddle

Final image

Pancake with fork