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Creative Bedside Tables

Grab some coffee, I have lots of photos to share! This week, I stumbled across this amazing bedside table (above) and I fell in love with everything about it. It is the perfect size, it is functional and it’s gorgeous to look at! This bedside table led to a quest of mine to curate images of chic and creative bedside tables. The more I searched, the more impressed I became at all the unexpected things that people have repurposed for their bedside tables.

It seems that the sky is the limit with what people use for tables. I came across things from suitcases to step ladders to file cabinets – and I was so inspired at the creativity! I just love it when people think outside the box and find new uses for old things. The longer I looked at these images, the more I appreciated the attention to detail. Read more about how to elevate these tables.

Creative Bedside Tables

Once you have found the perfect table, the next step is to decorate it. The styling of these tables is phenomenal, you’ll notice that a beautiful lamp, fresh flowers, books and candles seem to be the essential elements for a chic bedside table. I love how the white campaign-style table (the first photo) needs just a couple of touches to transform it into a stylish bedside table that can become the focal point in a bedroom.



Covered trunk

Repurposed an old trunk as a bedside table and they picked a lamp from the same era. Smart.


 Digging this Boho vibe. Matchstick blinds, bamboo bedside table, batik coverlet.

Pink roses



Sweet and uncomplicated. A tassel as a pull for the lamp switch.


Loving the seagrass wallpaper and dark furniture, makes the room feel very tropical.


Such a cool, eclectic look.


This is a skillful mix of fabric and textures (minus the ruffled pillowcases)




A small stool between twin beds, simple.

Bar cart

A bar-cart as a bedside table.

Yellow man

I so appreciate the touches of yellow. It is amazing what 3 bright things can do to an all white room.

Open Shelf

Using built-ins as a bedside table.


How dreamy would it be to get into this velvet cocoon at night?

Floating shelf

Floating shelf.

File cabinet

An old file cabinet mounted on wheels. My favorite in this collection.


 Dark floral is so challenging. You must go “over the top” to make it work, and this works as a guest room.

On wheels

Lately, I have been drawn to anything with casters.

Stacked Suitcases

Luggage takes up so much room, this is an ingenious idea for a small space.

Cool light

 Very masculine and sexy.


What a creative idea to use a ladder as a bedside table!


Lucite is so cosmopolitan.


The curvy bedside table is a perfect contrast to the boxy bed.


 The black bedside table totally grounds this room. And I love that lamp that visually connects everything.


Fresh flowers, books and candles. I just noticed the iPhone charger, what a great packaging idea.


Beautifully styled. The violet ginger jar and vase give life to this otherwise serene room.