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Hi guys! Lord & Taylor had a HUGE sale recently and I actually stopped in twice for some retail therapy. I saw this dress on the rack during my first visit and pulled it out for a better look. It had a lot going for it, including the fact that it is fully lined and has a popover top that moves when you walk. As much as I liked the vivid contrast of the pink, white and black, I decided that it was too limiting. It’s the kind of dress that I can’t mix and match with other items in my closet, so it went back on the rack. See ya.

When I went to Lord & Taylor a few days later, it was still there. Beckoning me. “Hey Sarah, you’re back! Yippie! Guess what, I’m only $39.99 today! Let’s go. Wait. Why are you staring at me with that pained look on your face? Still not convinced? Here’s an idea. You can wear me with those cute Banana Republic suede shoes with the cut outs. And in a couple of months when the weather gets cold, you can wear me with those black Ann Taylor knee-high boots and a black jacket. Oh! And, let me remind you that you have some business meetings coming up, I am professional and pretty. Look at my flirty popover bodice and turn me over to check out the exposed zipper in the back. I know, right? Yeah baby, I’m styling. Take me home, you know you want me.”

“Oh, alright” I said to myself, not to the dress. That would be weird.

Corporate Catwalk

Corporate CatwalkCorporate Catwalk 4Corporate Catwalk 5


Corporate Catwalk 7

Corporate Catwalk | Striped Popover Dress | Kate Spade Bag (similar) | Banana Republic Shoes (an alternative)

Detail of the zipper

| detail of the exposed zipper |

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