Winter WhiteI bought my first business suit at Ann Taylor in Westport, Connecticut. I still remember exactly what it looked like and more importantly, how confident it made me feel for my first interview. I landed the job as an intern for a global-wide company and I was totally ecstatic. Despite the fact that I was starting in one of the most junior positions in the company, I always dressed well for my job. The other women I worked with didn’t wear suits, and would tease me every morning about what I was wearing.  I’d get asked “Where do you think your going?”  The truth is that I didn’t know yet, but I did know that I would be interacting with a lot of people and I wanted their first impression of me to be polished. About six months into the job, I was asked to interview for a sales position in the Dallas, TX office and my career began. I believe that my decision to dress professionally sent a message that I took my job seriously and I cared enough to dress smartly. Here is a roundup of some winter looks that are the perfect balance of professional and stylish.

Blue and grey

Light blue and taupe with some fun jewelry.

Dark blue


Striped Shirt

Navy sweater over a striped button-down shirt and red pumps for a splash of color.

Red bag

 Two-piece pants suit with a scarf.


An oversized bag is a must-have for your laptop and other essentials if you are commuting or visiting with customers.

Light grey sweater

Light grey sweater cinched at the waist with a patent leather belt.

Bright Pink

Love this bold color!