Best Perfumes for Summer

Best Perfumes for SummerMy first introduction to fragrance began with my Grandmother, Gigi, she always smelled so Heavenly! Gigi wore only one perfume her entire life, Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain. It was her signature fragrance and when we would visit her, I looked forward to being enveloped in her arms and breathing in her perfume. She would decant the perfume into one of those fancy crystal bottles with the atomizer and let me sit at her vanity table and lightly mist myself. It remains one of my favorite memories from childhood.

From those early years of perfume appreciation, it felt like I had to wait an eternity until I was allowed to wear a fragrance. My sister and I were forbidden to wear makeup, high heels or perfume until we turned sixteen. Our sixteenth birthday was a highly anticipated ritual that involved a trip to the city, a professional makeup application at the Clinique Makeup Counter, and sampling of multiple Eau de Toilettes – my mother thought Eau de Parfum was too concentrated for a teenager, so we had to use the diluted version. Our family was obsessed with the entire Clinique brand and I chose Clinique Happy. I was enthralled with the idea of wearing something that smelled of citrus and fresh flowers.

So why am I blogging about summer perfumes? The warm weather makes our bodies warm and perfume blooms with body heat…

Best Perfumes for Summer

Before I reveal the summer’s hottest fragrances, I must first disclose that I completely swore off wearing all perfume about 10 years ago. Honestly, I am not even sure why I put the brakes on. It was either a heighten sense of smell that turned me off all fragrances, or I was fed up with wearing the same old ones. One day, I tossed every bottle I owned into the garbage and for years I would run the other way when I smelled it on other people who went overboard on the level of application. I developed headaches if the perfume was too strong, and it got so bad that I would ask people not to wear any perfume if I knew I would be traveling in the same car. My boycott lasted a decade.

My renewed appreciation for perfume started about a year ago. As I was setting up flowers for a baby shower, one of the hostesses and I were side-by-side at a table and I could not believe how phenomenal she smelled. I was literally trying to inhale her perfume into my nostrils in the hopes that it would linger all day. Some women are weirdly secretive about sharing their perfume name, but she told me she was wearing Santal 33 by Le Labo. I fled the party and immediately began to search for where to buy it. It’s pricey, but totally worth every penny and ranks at my number one spot.

Sarah’s Top Five Favorite Summer Perfumes

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  1. *Santal 33 by Le Labo – An exclusive smelling perfume that makes me feel sensual and luxurious.
  2. Glossier You Eau de Perfum by Glossier – Sweet, spicy and woodsy. An awarding winner perfume by the same company that makes lip balms and brow gels. Their motto is “Skin first, makeup second.”
  3. *Amber by Nemat International – A warm and comforting scent that can be worn by men or women. This is completely oil-based and contains no alcohol like traditional perfumes.
  4. Amazing Grace by Philosophy – Floral forward, very sweet and smells like innocence.
  5. Chanel No. 5 – An iconic perfume, described as “an abstract floral fragrance.” I just know that it is instantly recognizable and smells good on everyone.

* = unisex

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve assembled a little Perfume Primer, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How to apply perfume

  1. How should I apply perfume? There are several ways to apply your fragrance. Most people squirt or roll perfume directly onto their wrist and rub their wrists together. Others spray the perfume into the air and walk into it. If you have sensitive skin, spraying perfume directly onto your clothes is the best way to avoid skin irritation (don’t spray on fabrics like silk which will get stained by the oil in the perfume). If you don’t have sensitive skin, experts recommend applying a small amount to your neck or wrist, and the heat from your body will diffuse the fragrant notes of the perfume throughout the day. Perfumes bloom with body heat.
  2. How much perfume should I apply? One of the many excellent pieces of advice that I got from my mother was that perfume should only be detected during an embrace. No one should ever apply so much so that you can smell their perfume (or cologne for that matter) when you are standing several feet away from someone. One spritz is usually sufficient!
  3. What is difference between perfume and eau de toilette? The main difference is therefore the amount of perfume oil in the formula: an Eau de Toilette contains less perfume oil and more water and alcohol than an Eau de Parfum. Depending on what you like in terms of the intensity of a fragrance, you can choose an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.
  4. Where should I store my perfume? Always keep your perfume away from sunlight and store in a cool, dark place. Many people store their perfume in their refrigerator, but I don’t think it is necessary.
  5. Should I wear a difference fragrance depending on the time of day? I think so! I like the idea of wearing a perfume that is fresh with floral notes as I start my day. Your perfume will most likely have worn off by the end of the day, so it is super easy to switch to another scent that contain woody/smoky notes that are warm and sensual and more appropriate for evening.