How To Update Your Beauty Routine For Winter Weather
My Beauty Routine for Winter Weather

Yay! We had more snow today! It was just a tiny bit of snow, but I know a lot more is coming. Winter is a beautiful time of year, especially when snow blankets the ground turning your street into a winter wonderland.

But, the frigid, dry temperatures and biting winds can also deliver a harsh and unforgiving season. The temperatures create all kinds of problems with your complexion, hair and body. Now is the time to prepare for winter weather and I want to share my tips to help you fight back against this nasty side of winter. Here is how to update your beauty routine to handle these challenging months.

Beauty Routine for Winter Weather

Hand Cream. Many times, we don’t put on the gloves or mittens fast enough, and any extra moment your hands are exposed to the cold temperatures, you will see the damage.

Your hands not only will turn icy cold and red, but chapped and rough. Look for a hand cream that contains a good amount of glycolic acid. This key alpha hydroxy acid rejuvenates your hands, because its molecules are tiny enough to penetrate more deeply. The AHA dislodges dead skin cells, giving a smoother, hydrated appearance. The feeling of dry hands is one of my biggest pet peeves, and it gets worse in the winter because I wash my hands more frequently to avoid catching a cold or the flu. I keep tubes of hand cream in every bathroom, by my bedside table, in my car console and my handbag.

Glycolic acid creams are also excellent for the complexion, for the same reason.

Hair Gloss Spray. Hats are adorable to wear out in the elements, like beanies and berets. However, sometimes you may not want to hide your hair under a hat. The best way to show off beautiful tresses in winter is to seal the moisture in. Look for a gloss spray or glistening mist to add shine, moisture and control to those fly away hair days. Just spritz on, and watch dull tresses come alive. You receive instant gloss, zero frizzies and control.

Lip Balm Matters. Because our lips are one of the most vulnerable facial features, they require constant hydration. Our lips are made of delicate skin tissue and lack protective oil glands. TLC (tender loving care) is essential for soft, smooth, kissable lips. A lip balm that contains instant nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter are the ideal combination. I picked up an adorable limited edition eos collection in winter-themed flavors: Wildberry, Passion Fruit and Honey Apple.

This makes a great gift, so I am going to go back and get some more. Girls from preteen to college go crazy over these lip balms, and the fruity flavors make them even more fun!

Exfoliating Body Cleanser. Let’s be honest; a big, furry sweater, tons of layers, boots and a scarf can protect us from the cold, but our skin is still going to suffer. The moisture is zapped out of our bodies and crying out for hydration.

Buy a body cleanser to use in the shower or bath that contains a sugar scrub to slough away dead skin cells. It should also feature shea butter or glycerin to smooth the skin and offer a softer texture. I keep a pair of “body gloves” in the shower and as soon as I apply hair conditioner, I slip on the gloves and exfoliate my skin. It is time well spent while also allowing a few minutes for the hair conditioner to do its job.

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