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Academy Awards Party Ideas

Are you ready for the Oscars? We are! Hollywood’s most glamorous evening, the 88th Annual Academy Awards will begin at 7:00pm on Sunday, February 28th on ABC. If you are thinking about hosting an Academy Awards party, I’ve assembled some ideas and tips that will help inspire you! And don’t think that you have to break the bank, you can pull off a festive party that’s totally budget-friendly. In preparation for the weekend, I wanted to include links to each of the blog posts I did on “How to host a fabulous Academy Awards Party.”

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{click here on how to create a movie theatre candy and popcorn bar}

One of the most important tips for entertaining is to make sure that you can enjoy your party and hang out with your friends. Creating a candy and popcorn bar allows you, the host, to have a carefree evening to watch the Academy Awards and lets your guests help themselves to whatever they want throughout this 4-5 hour-long viewing party.Academy Awards Party Candy Bar

Provide a wide variety of candy options, and don’t forget the chocolate! I set up a buffet with movie theatre candy/popcorn and added some glam by using large gold letters and lights for a Hollywood vibe.

Sandwich Bar

{click here on ideas for a sandwich bar so your guests can build their own sandwiches – so fun and keeps you out of the kitchen so you can watch the Oscars!}

  1. The Academy Awards begins with the red carpet (my favorite part!) and ends 4-5 hours later with the award for Best Film. Since this is a TV-viewing party (versus mingling) you will not want to miss any part of the broadcast. The best way to ensure that you can be a guest at your own party is to set up a buffet so your friends can help themselves to food throughout the evening.
  2. A budget-friendly way to feed your guests is prepare a sandwich bar with a delectable assortment of breads, rolls, sliced meats and cheeses, spreads and condiments. Tip: A sandwich bar does not have to be casual, you can lean towards the finer varieties of meats and cheeses such as Kobe Roast Beef paired with Imported Swiss Cheese or Maple Smoked Bourbon Ham paired with Tillamook Cheddar.

Tuxedo Glasses

{click here for adorable DIY Tuxedo Champagne glasses that are super easy to make}

The Oscars are all about celebrating the best of film, whether it is the actors, the music, the directors, the screenplay writers or the cinematography – this is an evening of toasting the best of the best! Join in on the festivities by serving champagne in stylish glasses that have been dressed in a tuxedo. This DIY is so simple and easy to do and takes no time at all. Your guests will get such a kick out of these glammed up glasses.

Red Carpet Cupcakes Tier 2

{click here for “red carpet” cupcakes with champagne infused cream cheese frosting}

The Oscars is Hollywood’s most exciting night where everyone pulls out all the stops, so we thought we should too. Alina and I collaborated on a few flavor combinations and settled on cupcakes made with a classic red velvet cake batter. She used traditional cream cheese frosting that pairs beautifully with red velvet cake, and we elevated it by infusing the frosting with real champagne. We wanted the red cupcake to show, so they were frosted with rosettes made a little smaller than she normally makes. The Oscar theme this year is “We all dream in gold” and I loved Alina’s idea to use gold foil cupcake liners. When I got the cupcakes home, I sprayed them with Wilton Gold Mist to give them some shimmer. They were finished off by adding star toppers made from adhesive stars and toothpicks.

The 88th Academy Awards begins at 7:00pm ET this Sunday, February 28th on ABC! Here is link for more information about the Oscars.

Have a star studded weekend xo