5 Tips To Keep That Sexy Summer Glow

I literally don’t even care that summer is about to “officially” end. The Fall Equinox began on September 22nd, but that is not going to stop me from keeping my summer glow. As a matter of fact, it is actually even more important to hang on to our most radiant selves as the season changes. Our sun-kissed hair and skin begin to slowly fade with the shorter days that lie ahead. But, not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my 5 tips to keep that sexy summer glow:

  1. Add highlights to your hair, they instantly brighten your face and make you look radiant
  2. Use BB or CC cream on your face
  3. Invest in a bronzer palette with at least three colors
  4. Apply eyeshadow that contains a little sparkle to illuminate your eyes
  5. Lastly, finish off the look with shimmering, kissable lips

| my newly painted hair |

First things first, your crowning glory:

You have probably heard of balayage, ombré, highlights, babylights and possibly something called hair painting. I recently got my hair painted by Erin Coyle, the owner/hair painter of Hair Canvas based in Milford, CT and I love the results. If you are interested in contacting Erin for an appointment, here is the website: Hair Canvas

You might not find someone that does this technique in your salon, because it is typically done by more artistic stylists. With this technique, hair is painted freely, by hand. Hair is painted with lightener and is typically separated by plastic wrap. The lightener or color, is not usually placed in any specific pattern – the highlights are placed where they would naturally be seen when your hair is exposed to the sun. The hard part about hair painting, is that the stylist must have a super trained (or natural) eye for this kind of thing.

If you want to see hair painting done properly, check out Erin’s Instagram account with photos of all her clients HERE.

Let’s get down to the details of how beauty products with a touch of shimmer can illuminate and brighten your face:

When it comes to enhancing our facial features and bone structure, shimmer is the way to go, ladies. It creates a soft, candlelit glow and bounces off our cheekbones, brow bones and even our sexy lips.

Best of all, buying products that offer shimmer and highlighting is inexpensive, and you don’t have to be Jennifer Lopez’s professional makeup artist to copy the exquisite look.

That’s right; both you and I can look prettier with a dab or two of shimmer. So, let’s begin our beauty routine. I enlisted the help of a professional makeup artist, Ashley Nicole. If you live in Connecticut, and need your makeup done for a wedding or any special occasion, she does fabulous work – and she could not be sweeter! She has all her own supplies, including a makeup trunk, chair and table. For booking inquiries send her an email at ashleynicolebeautyct@gmail.com.

You want to avoid foundation, because it’s a bit heavy for the natural look you’re creating. Consider a wonderful BB or CC cream that comes with shimmer. Applying a couple of pumps of BB cream to your face will provide a balanced complexion and even coverage. Those containing shimmer will also diffuse light and conceal wrinkles and pores. The subtle light will reflect off your facial features.

| Becca Bronzer available here via Amazon |

You could also try bronzer to sculpt a pair of higher cheekbones. Then, take a highlighter made with shimmer and apply this to the tops of your cheekbones. Whether it is a powder, cream or liquid, glow “illuminators” really offer a spotlight on the features you wish to come alive. There’s no need to apply a large amount, because when it comes to the art of shimmer, less is more. On my face is Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette, you can purchase it by clicking HERE. I love the fact that is can be used virtually all over your face, including your eyelids, and lips! It’s on sale for $46, hurry it will go quick!

Use the lightest color on your cheek bones, right below your eye. Use the pink for the apples of your cheeks and lips (I like it when my cheek and lip color match). Use the darker colors in the hollow of your cheek and jaw bone to create that all important dimension.

Take a moment to check out the photo above, I’m not wearing anything on my lips. Now scroll down and look at what a difference a little hint of lipcolor does to instantly brighten my face!

There are also shadows designed with a bit of glam shimmer that dazzle your eyes. Bobbi Brown makes a Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow that comes in lovely shades like Rose Gold Lilac, Stone, Champagne and Eggplant. The silky blend-able powder makes it easy to adhere to your lids, and Bobbi Brown’s shimmery eye shadow delicately illuminates the lids. The light shades can double as highlighters under the brow bone.

| EOS Pink Shimmer Lip Balm available here via Amazon |

To make your lips the center of attention, use shimmer as your makeup friend. The best way to try this beauty trick is through a lip balm that offers a hint of shimmer. EOS has developed an incredible lip balm that delivers the subtle shimmer of sun-kissed lips. It’s inexpensive and better than high-end boutique brands.

EOS lip balms not only provide natural conditioning oils to keep your lips soft and supple but a soft shimmery shine for fuller lips that lasts. EOS’ Sheer Pink or Coral Shimmer Lip Balm has become a classic favorite. It’s light, pretty and feminine. EOS also features a Summer Fruit flavor to highlight your soft kissable feature.


* thank you to EOS for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own*