10 Great Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Now that spring is here to stay, I’ve found myself eagerly searching my spring/summer closet for bright clothes. As much as I love the soft pale colors that are so prevalent in the winter, I love the freshness of vivid colors. Just look outside! Our property has transformed in just a couple of weeks with the virtual explosion of green. That’s our visual clue to reach for equally fresh items in our wardrobe.

I’m not sure about you, but I totally neglect about 90% of my fun jewelry in the fall and winter months. I can’t be bothered with rings because I am slathering on hand cream to combat the cold, dry weather. My necklaces and earrings are hidden behind turtleneck sweaters or scarves, and there’s no point in wearing them.

This brings me to the fact that our spring and summer clothes are the perfect backdrop for showcasing our jewelry! I suspect that you realize that the necklines of your lighter-weight clothes are more versatile than bulky winter sweaters. The style and shape of the necklines are more open, giving us many more options to play around with jewelry. Sleeves are another element that change dramatically this time of year which means it’s time for chunky bracelets.

10 Great Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

10 Great Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Now that you are inspired to reach for all those pretty earrings, necklaces and bracelets – I want to share some fun ways to display them. The trick to wearing all your fun jewelry is to make sure you see it. How many times have you gotten dressed and headed out the door with minimal jewelry? I suspect the main reason is because it is in a drawer hidden from sight.

Here are 10 great ways to organize your jewelry so it’s at your fingertips:

| super easy way to store your bracelets on old, but interesting bottles |

| separate jewelry into pretty vintage bowls, love how the glass reflects the colors |

| you find find fabric boards at Home Goods and use push pins |

| similar to the fabric board, a framed cork board is a great option |

| love the idea of using a cheese or cake dome to display pretty pieces |

| along the same lines of the cake dome, this time using plates and a stand |

| you can find these containers at Home Goods |

| a beautiful old frame with wire mesh instead of glass |

| gorgeous shabby chic way to showcase your vintage pieces! |